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Save Money with the Settlement Verifier for Enterprises

Save MoneyThe Settlement Verifier for Enterprises (SV-E) has proven to be a valuable asset for companies large and small. The SV-E is a small application that impacts enterprises in a big way.┬áManagers typically settle the credit card batch without even realizing it may not match the daily sales report’s non-cash payment line. The SV-E get the values of non-cash payments and compares those values against the non-cash payments calculated by Aloha. That data is sent to a powerful database where a report is compiled and sent to stakeholders.

Every single company that has had the SV-E implemented has found a shortage. One of our larger customers is about to break the $250,000 mark of potential losses that were avoided because of the SV-E.

When a shortage is identified, most companies elect to have their own corporate helpdesk deal with the shortage. If your helpdesk is inadequate to handle these types of problems, Intense IT, LLC would be able to handle these issues for you for a reasonable fee.