Benefits of the Settlement Verifier

Automatic Settlement

The Settlement Verifier for Enterprises (SV-E)  will automatically settle your credit card batch for you during the End of Day process. The automatic settlement will complete even if EOD fails at the location. This takes the credit card batch responsibility out of the manager’s hands. Sites that implement the SV-E end up with a consistent time the batch settles every single night without any additional work or responsibility on human interaction.

The current automatic settlement implementation will work on any EDC processor you are using as long as you are running Aloha v5.3.29e or higher.

Detect End of Day (EOD) Issues

The SV-E can detect EOD of issues and calls your attention to them in the reports that are generated by the system. This is often referred to as a 0-entry. These entries will not have sales data in the report and these entries are color-coded yellow to alert the IT stakeholders that there is a possible problem with EOD. To date, this feature has been 100% accurate in letting IT staff know an EOD problem occurred. This warning is usually the first warning the IT department gets because the daily report will come out before the morning manager comes in for the day.

The example report below shows three locations. TX-11 has a 0-entry and it is highlighted yellow. The color change should alert helpdesk and IT staff that the site did not completely run EOD and there is a problem that needs to be resolved.

End of Day issues are highlighted yellow

Detect Chronic EDC Issues

Some sites have chronic EDC issues that are caused by employee/manager theft, system mis-configuration or unreliable credit card processors. These trends can be easily identified by using the SV-E report and bonus reports in order to identify specific locations that chronically experience issues with shortages.

A site that is experiencing a variance between what the Daily Sales Report (DSR) says and what the EDC settled for will show up in red. In the situation below, TX-01 had a variance of $27.04. While that may not seem like a lot of money, it adds up over time. Having several sites a day with small variances can cost a large franchisee one million dollars in a single year in lost revenue.

Sites with variances are colored red

Free Text Alerts

You can setup a single number or a group of numbers to receive a text message when a store shows a variance. If a store shows a positive or negative variance, we can send out an automated text message to your helpdesk staff and stakeholders so they are aware of the problem. Text alerts are sent as soon as the store reports a variance of any kind. This service is included in your monthly subscription to the Settlement Verifier for Enterprise service.

Example text message of a shortage

Free Automatic Updates

When you sign up for a support contract, there’s no reason to think you’ll be left behind when new versions come out. We keep you up-to-date by automatically installing new updates as they become available. You will always have the most up-to-date production codebase available.

Custom Reports

We know that we have some fantastic reports that work for the majority of companies, but don’t get put off by the canned reports. If you need something special, please get in contact with our development team or one of our sales agents. We are more than happy to set you up with a custom report that will work for you and your company.