SVE Client Installation

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Download Link

Installation Link

System Requirements

Component Requirement Recommendation
CPU 667 MHz 1.0 GHZ
Memory 512 MB 2 GB
Hard Disk 20 MB 1 GB
Windows Version Windows XP SP3 Windows 7 or Higher
Aloha Version 5.2.9c 6.7 or Higher
EDC Version 5.2.9c 14.0 or Higher

Installation Instructions

Smart Screen Filter

Below are the installation instructions for the Settlement Verifier for Enterprises client application. Your installation may differ depending on the host operating system. If you are running Windows 8.0 or higher, you may see a Windows SmartScreen filter window. You can see that the application is signed if the publisher is equal to ", LLC". If the publisher says anything else; close the application and report the issue.


Installation Location

Find the installation location that you would like to use. This directory should be writable without requiring any administrative permissions.


Desktop Shortcut (Optional)

Choose whether or not you would like a desktop shortcut. This is not required as the application is launched with a scheduled task.


Confirm Settings

Confirm the settings you have chosen and then install.


Finishing the Installation

Once installed, you can choose to launch the application immediately or launch it later by un-checking the box.


Program Options

When the program is launched the first time, it will require some information in order to properly determine information from the EDC and Daily Sales Report (DSR). Once the required options are filled out, the application will automatically attempt to register itself with our servers.


Successful Registration


Checking for Updates

Once successfully registered, the application will go the main screen. It should automatically attempt to perform updates. If you would like to force updates go to Help -> Check For Updates


Check Web Service Connections

It is important to ensure you have the proper connectivity to our production and legacy web services to ensure we can receive the data that is securely sent to us. To access this, go to the Tools menu.