SVE File Structure

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Installation Directory

If you used the default installation directory, your installation will be located at C:\PROGRAM INSTALLS\SV-E\. Your installation path may differ.

Filename Purpose
AutomaticUpdater.dll Provides Automatic Updates for the Client Application
AutomaticUpdater.xml Automatic Update Configuration
client.wyc This file tells the SVE where to look for program updates
NLog.config Configuration File for Logging
NLog.dll Logging Methods Provided by NLog
NLog.xml Configuration File for Logging
Settlement Verifier.exe Main Executable
Settlement Verifier.exe.config Configuration file for the main executable
Settlement Verifier.pdb Main Executable Signature File
Settlement Verifier.xml Main Executable Config File
unins000.dat Uninstall Data
unins000.exe Uninstaller
wyUpdate.exe Stand-alone Application Updater


The logs directory will have one file for each day the application ran. You can see example logs here. We create separate files so they are easy to scavenge if you choose to do so. By default, we do not scavenge any logs.


The REQ file is called by a scheduled task. The REQ file will automatically settle the current credit card batch. This task should only be ran after EOD has processed.

File Purpose
10000001-c.req Auto-Settlement REQ File for CES
10000001-l.req Auto-Settlement REQ File for LynkSystems
10000001-p.req Auto-Settlement REQ File for PayTech
10000001-r.req Auto-Settlement REQ File for RadPay
10000001-v.req Auto-Settlement REQ File for Visanet


File Purpose
WIN7.BAT Use this file to create a scheduled task in Windows 7 or higher
WINXP.BAT Use this file to create a scheduled task in Windows XP or lower